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Zeitgeist eURBAN Bike

$3,499.00 $4,500.00 saving $1,001.00
Zeitgeist eURBAN Bike

Zeitgeist eURBAN Bike

$3,499.00 $4,500.00 saving $1,001.00

The ZEITGEIST  eURBAN is the world's stealthiest, lightest urban Pedelec (pedal-assisted) electric bike in its price class.

As the ultimate commuter and city slayer, the eURBAN is the last bike you'll need to buy if you cycle for work or pleasure. Single speed, ultra light and completely invisible battery integration makes the eURBAN pass for a regular bike. Step on it's  torque-sensing pedals and you'll notice the powerful rear hub motor kick in and assisting you on the steepest hills and carrying a basket full. No task is too challenging with the ZEITZGEIST eURBAN.

Designed in Germany and manufactured in Detroit, this ultimate e-bike is American made  and rides  like a dream.

* Gates Carbon Drive, Belt Drive (Grease-Free) System

* Pedal-Assisted Cadence Sensor (Pedelec)

* Avid Brakes

* Smart Velo Road Saddle

* Internal Cable Routing

* 50/50 Weight Distribution for Easy Transport

* Total Weight: 13kg