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How long until I get my bike?

Deliveries take place within 90-120 days after placing your deposit. Previous Zeitgeist owners have priority as a thank you for their support.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is refundable until you enter the purchase agreement phase.

Where can I take delivery of my Zeitgeist?

Before shipping your bike, we will confirm the shipping address you provided when making your Reservation Deposit. If this has changed, we are able to ship to the new address.

Will I need to order Zeitgeist as soon as I receive my invitation?

For the fastest delivery of your Zeitgeist, we encourage you to place your order as soon as you receive your invitation. We will continue to send invitations to reservation holders on a rolling basis, however delivery timing cannot be confirmed until an order is placed.

What type of payment options are available for my Zeitgeist?

Along with traditional payment methods, we also offer financing through Klarna. Once we send your invitation, the option for this payment method will be available.

What is in the box?
Included with the bike will be the charging unit for the battery, 8mm tool to remove rear wheel, and application user guides. .

What is the speed limit of the drive system?

How much does the system weigh?
The entire bike weighs 28 lbs including the pedals.

What is the battery life?
Battery life varies depending on the riding conditions, such as hilly areas, wind, air pressure in wheels and distance ridden above speed assistance limit (20mph). A reasonable value is approximately a 4,000ft accent in maximum support mode.

Do I have to discharge the battery completely before recharging?

How long does it take to charge from 0 to 100%?
It takes approximately 3 to 4hrs.

How many charging cycles before battery degradation?
The battery will allow for 500 charging cycles (0% to 100%). After this point you will start to some reduction in battery capacity.

How often must the battery be charged?
If the bicycle is not used for a long period of time (especially cold weather months), we suggest charging the battery once per month.

Do I need to disassemble the battery before storing the Pinarello Dyodo for a long period of time?
This is not necessary and not recommended. Leave the battery in the bike.

How can I clean my Zeitgeist?
Do not submerge or clean with high-pressure cleaner any drive system component. Clean all drive system components carefully with a cloth or a soft brush. Make sure all components are perfectly dry before using.

Can I ride Zeitgeist in the rain?
Yes, the system is waterproof.

Do I have to service the drive system?
No, the drive system does not require maintenance.

Is it possible to disassemble the battery?
Do not disassemble the Battery by yourself. The Battery does not require maintenance. It must only be opened by qualified experts and repaired with original spare parts. Unauthorized opening of a system will void system warranty.

I have a question or a problem with the drive system, what do I do?
Contact Zeitgeist Mobility and we will handle getting the bike shipped to the appropriate location to be repaired or replaced.

Motor and Battery Warranty
2 year motor and battery warranty.

How many sizes does the Dyodo come in?
The Zeitgeist comes in 2 sizes (M & L) initially, but you can special order other sizes on-demand.

What are the key specs of the bike?

Price $2499
Rider Height 165-195cm
Frame 700c 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Fork 700c Carbon/Alloy
Motor High Speed 36V/360W Electric Hub Motor
Battery 36V/6.7AH Panasonic Lithium-Ion Array
Battery Range 40km+
Battery Charging 4 hours for full charge
Weight 13.74kg
Lights Rear lights built into seat post
Brakes Front and Rear Alloy Calliper Brakes, Optional Disc Brakes
Front Derailleur
Shimano 105 KFD5800BLL 34.9mm
Rear Derailleur
Shimano 105 KRD5800GSL 11-Speed
Wheel Size 700c
Color Solar Orange/Gloss Black