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We offer a 7-day conditional exchange policy for buyers to trade-up to another size or model, or exchange for a new peice incase theirs is defective.

Are exchanges free?

Yes- all you pay is the return shipping. We ask is that you return your bike in the same condition you received it, and pack it back into the box it was delivered in. Any bike that has been used or ridden will be considered unexchangeable.

How long does it take for my exchange to be processed?

We'll try to help you as quickly as possible, but we do ask for 14 days to be able to process your exchange.

How do I organize an exchange?

Email info@zeitgeistmobility.com with your return request, and our team will get back to you with detailed instructions. We’ll help you create an exchange form to print and attach to the frame of your bike. After that, you'll carefully repack your bike in the box that it came in (we'll send you instructions on how to do this, don't worry) and arrange to have it picked-up by the carrier of your choice, as long as it can be tracked and is sent Ground, as the bike contains batteries.

Where do I send my exchange?

After you've emailed info@zeitgeistmobility.com with your exchange request, we'll provide you with our address and full instructions on how to send back your Zeitgeist.

What if my order arrives damaged, or there is a fault?

Our team work hard to make sure this never happens. If you do receive damaged goods, or you find a manufacturing fault, please contact us immediately at info@zeitgeistmobility.com so we can personally assist you and sort out the problem as quickly as possible. Be sure to take pictures of any damage you notice right out of the box.