Zeitgeist is a German-inspired designer bike brand that is developing innovative electric bikes for road and urban riders. Zeitgeist's manifesto is to build a bike for the tens of millions of everyday riders who wish to get fit, get riding, compete or just keep up with younger, fitter riders in lycra.

Founded in 2015 by start-up entrepreneurs Kartik Ram and Gregg Stewart, Zeitgeist is privately funded and counts Costco, Touch of Modern and others as its early customers.

We're Performance Monsters

With a diverse team from a 26-year tenured veteran at Cannondale to executives from Audi and Tesla, we are a team of performance-crazed individuals in Seattle, Portland, Toronto and London, England. We came together to design, build and grow Zeitgeist and we think you'll enjoy knowing where we come from.

We Think Different

Electric bikes are essentially bikes first and electric second. We thought of the Zeitgeist eROAD skunkworks disruptively, rather than linearly. We first made the best road bike we could for the money, then used our design savvy to bury technology, power and smarts. Of course, we're deeply inspired by Apple, Tesla and all things mobile, but our real inspiration comes from the thousands of miles our road riders put on our test bikes. A journey of a thousand miles has begun for us with this first step of launching the eROAD and eURBAN bikes in the Summer of 2019.

We Ain't Heavy

Weight is everything. And it's surprising how few electric bike launches dwell on it. Come to think of it, when was the last time a non-body builder, teen, everyday male or female rider dead lift a 60lb bike onto their bike rack or into their SUV trunk? Try never.

Most electric bikes weren't designed with the rider's comfort in mind...when he or she wasn't riding. These traditional e-bikes essentially became boat anchors when parked or worse, dead. Not Zeitgeist.

Our bikes are purposefully designed for men, women and teens of virtually any fitness level to be able to ride, pick up and hoist our bikes into cars, racks, third-storey apartments and everything in between. Come by and pick one up.

Bring Sexy Back

Why should gorgeous design be super expensive. Some of the best looking cars these days aren't super expensive, like the Alfa Romeo or Tesla Model 3. We took notice and ensured that everything we design, manufacture and ship needs to be truly on-point- affordable, sexy and mindlessly easy to ride.

We Are Legend

We were born in Seattle, city cycling capital of North America, thanks to zillions of Microsoft and Amazon workers circumnavigating some of the worst traffic ever. But since our Seattle days, Zeitgeist has expanded its presence in Portland, Toronto, Chicago and London.